Sunday, January 4, 2015

Layla's Yellow Shirt Pictures

It is that time of year, yellow shirt picture time. She was really excited to do it this year. She's been asking since we did Jack's orange shirt pictures- "when is it MY turn?!". 

Here is a yellow shirt flashback-

And here's our big girl at 5 years old. Ugh...I just can't believe how big and grown up she looks!

We had so much fun with these this year. She asked me "why do we do this in the same shirt?" :) I explained that it has been fun watching her grow into the shirt and when she's much older she will actually FIT in the shirt. Her eyes got so big and she was in amazement that the shirt might actually fit her someday. Oh sweet girl, you need to stop growing!!

Christmas and Layla's Bday

I'm just lumping everything together for the sake of checking this post off my to do list. We have been CRAZY busy the last few weeks! It all started with some Christmas cookies and waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive the day before Christmas Eve.

I didn't take many pictures on Christmas this year. It was so nice to just enjoy the day and play. Here are the kids with some of their favorite gifts - Layla with her Legos and a trash grabber (LOL) and Jack with his choo choo train and light up nose. The cheapest gifts were the biggest hits (remind me of this next year!).

Jack also got a BIG kick out of the "no" button that Aunt Ash got especially for him this Christmas. Hilarious!! 

 Layla also really loved all the crafts and games she got- and playing them all with Grandma!

We did our annual trip to the Santa house after Christmas. Layla doesn't like Santa but Jack LOVES him so we might have to suck it up and wait in line next year.

Not a fan of sharing the sleigh with Jack- 

We might need to work on not being on the naughty list. 

That's better!

I think one of our favorite things this season has been visiting the Christmas train. The kids were SOOOOO excited. I thought Jack was going to have a heart attack.

I can't remember when we did this but Grandpa bought the kids a pass on the bouncey things at the mall. Layla loved it and this was Jack's first time. His face was priceless!! But he did really like it after Bryan helped him out a bit.

Layla had a wonderful day of pampering and fun on her actual birthday. Grandma and I took her to get her nails done, she was in heaven!

We ate Olive Garden for her birthday dinner (of course)- 

And then came home for a rainbow chocolate cake. 

Her favorite birthday gift was the guitar we bought her. I love this picture! 

We also went bowling last week. Layla had a blast. Jack liked it for the first 10 minutes until he discovered what 'taking turns" meant. He's not a fan. They both rocked those shoes though.

And last but not least...I almost broke Layla's nose. We have a vicious cycle going on in this house- Jack gets Mommy's nose (while we were STILL hurts) and Mommy gets Layla's nose. Thankfully it's just bruised and she has forgiven me. 

Thanks for ALL your help Grandma and Grandpa Rosco! We were able to paint the ENTIRE basement while their help AND Grandpa fixed our car while he was here. We couldn't have done it without you! Love you!

Layla's Frozen/Tennis Birthday 5th Party

We have had a really fun few weeks with Grandma and Grandpa Rosco here. I'll do another post with Christmas pics and other fun things but I really wanted to share these of Layla's birthday party yesterday. She had the BEST party, most of her best buddies were there (we were missing a few that were still traveling or sick) and they all had a blast. We are so thankful for all these kids, they make our little girl smile and watching them play together makes my heart happy. 

We were running late for set up but I tried to get a few pictures before her friends arrived. Layla wanted a Frozen themed tennis party this year, talk about random. She was so excited to see all the snow when she woke up snowed JUST for her party. :)

The tennis center was amazing with the kids. They had the kids coloring while we waiting for the whole group to arrive.

Then it was time to get started! All the kids LOVED spending an hour on the courts.

They took a quick drink break and the girls had to chat for a bit. :)

Jack came late but got right in on the action. He loved playing with the big kids and they were all very gentle and helpful with him.

Sassy pants needed to pose for a few shots.

We got a quick photo op after tennis. I though Layla's eyes were going to pop out of her head when they put her in the basket of balls. She was so excited!

Love these kiddos! What a great group!

All of the kids signed the blue tennis ball for Layla to take home. Racket not included.

All the kids got goodie bags and small prizes for all the games they played. It always amazes me how something like tattoos and stamps can make their DAY. Haha!

Then we had cake and ice cream. I love seeing Layla blow out her candles (finally!) all by herself. 

After loading them up with sugar, we decided to open gifts. She loved everything she got and we L.O.V.E. all the homemade cards. She has looked through them several times today and asks us to read them to her. :)

We are so thankful for all the friends that came yesterday. They made her day super special and her 5th birthday "the best ever". :)